Car Rentals In Hawaii

Car Rentals In Hawaii – Are you planning to visit the different Hawaiian Islands for your upcoming vacation? And yet, you are worried about spending a lot on transportation with you not bringing your own car? Worry no more as you can always choose to rent a car at the most affordable price with the rates and discounts at Hawaii Discount Car Rental.

Hawaii Discount Car Rental
Hawaii Discount Car Rental

We are offering our service of providing for the most available car rental rates at their affordable prices. All you have to do is to contact us. We will help provide for the rates including the information on the companies.
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Enjoy Hawaii in a Hawaii Discount Car Rental.

Maui Car Rental

Maui Car Rental

Maui Car Rental

When you are going to Maui for a week or a couple of days you would need to tour around. As a tourist to this beautiful Hawaiian island, you wouldn’t know how the Maui Bus schedules run or maybe you would just like to drive around giving you the freedom to go anywhere on the island. For you to do this you will need a car and since you can’t bring your personal car to the island you will have to rent one from here. However, with so many services and vehicles on offer, it can be difficult to know where to start. Thankfully, we’re here to help you! By the end of this article, you’re going to find out the cheapest way to hire a car in Hawaii, as well as plenty of money-saving tips…

There are plenty of Maui car rental services in Hawaii, but the one that is known to be the best in the region is Maui Car Rental. They offer you a variety of cars to choose from and they help you pick the car that is right for you and the island for you to enjoy your trip. After you give them your itinerary they will look at what is the most suitable car for your trip.

Maui Car Rental services have offices all over Hawaii and they are in Kahului Airport OGG, Kahului cruise ship harbor, Kapalua Airport JHM or in South Maui. This means there are plenty of pick up places and more importantly there are more drop off points. Here are some reasons why you would use car rental in Maui:

Guaranteed Reservations

To book a car, you can either do it by phone or through their website and they guarantee you that whatever car you choose to drive will be available when you get there. There are other companies which claim to offer you the cars that you want but when you get there you find that the car you wanted is unavailable and you are forced to take a more expensive car or one that doesn’t suit your needs. When you use Maui Car Rental service you are assured that you will get what you are looking for, in time and at the price that you had agreed.

There are many convenient locations. However, most visitors pickup vehicles at the Kahului Airport OGG. Kahului Airport OGG is the primary airport on Maui.

No booking fees

Another advantage of using Maui Car Rental service is that there is no booking fee. When you call them in advance you have the option of choosing the car that you want and you don’t have to commit yourself financially to use the vehicle. This comes in handy as there are times when you will find yourself not needing the car as either the trip has been cancelled or when you get there you find that transportation has been organized by the people or place you are going to visit. If you had paid a booking fee for anyone of those occasions it means that you would have lost some money and won’t be able to recover it. Another advantage of no booking fees is that you can upgrade or downgrade the car that you want without incurring any extra cost.


With the no booking fees, it means that you can cancel anytime. Cancellations can be done either through phone or email. The company will gracefully accept to what you want and cancel your order. The company carries itself with a high level of professionalism and they understand there could be various reasons why you would not want to use their services and they let you go without any demands.

There are no cancellation fees with this service. You can cancel your request a day before you arrival and you will not be charged any fees. There are companies that hold you responsible and expect you to part with some money if you are to cancel on them but not with Maui Car rental service. They are okay to let you go easily knowing that in the future you might use their services.

Booking process

The booking process is very simple, all you have to do is provide them with your information and your itinerary. They will not ask for your credit card details or driver’s license for you to book the services. They will only ask for your name and trip details so that they can book your car and they will know how to properly advise you.

Only when you go pick up the car that you will be using it is the time you will be asked to provide your credit card detail and your driver’s license. This will be to pay for the service and to show them that you are capable of driving the car in Hawaii.


The cars they have in stock vary from sedans, SUVs and four wheel drives. The types of cars that they have are economy, compact, intermediate, standard size, full-size, premium, luxury, convertible, 2 and 4 door Jeep Wrangler, intermediate SUV, standard SUV, Full size SUV and pickups. All the cars that they have are recent models and they are at most 2 years old.

The cars are well taken care of, they have all been serviced to make sure by the time you are going to pick them up they are ready for whatever journey that you are going to embark. Maui has a tropical climate meaning that it is hot most of the time and as such all the cars are fitted with air conditioning.

Lastly, all the cars are insurable and just in case you have an accident when you are driving in Hawaii you have the peace of mind that everything will be taken care of.


When you book for your rental car through Maui Rental Car, you could save up to 70% on the vehicles that you will be renting. This is a huge bargain as there are other companies that charge higher than this one and they offer fewer services.

If you are a younger driver, there are special rates for people like you. The company knows that you could be on a budget and they try and accommodate you by providing you with affordable cars at a bargain.

Looking for car hire on Maui? You’ve come to the right place. Here at Maui Car Rental Discount, we specialize in the best rental rates on major international brands, and you could save up to 70% on current models. We have rental agencies located throughout Hawaii, including South Maui, Kahului Airport OGG, and Kahului Cruise Ship Harbor. Our vehicles offer automatic transmissions, air conditioning, and competitive prices – perfect for travelers to Maui. Here at Maui Car Rental, we are proud of the excellent customer service we provide. There are NO booking fees, NO deposit, and guaranteed reservations. You can cancel any time and can even reduce the young driver’s fee. So what are you waiting for? Call our discount Maui car rental service today and speak to a friendly member of staff for more information. 1-866-344-7612.

Hawaii Car Rental Packing Guide

Hawaii Car Rental

Hawaii Car Rental Packing Guide

Hawaii Packing Guide
Hawaii Packing Guide

Travelers to Hawaii have a challenge. What do you bring with you to Hawaii? The Hawaii Car Rental Packing Guide is a good place to start.

Visitors to Hawaii already know that the weather is warm and sunny. In fact it is warm and sunny all year round. We collected a list of items to help you enjoy your time in the Hawaiian Islands.

Do you like to dress casual? Or perhaps dress elegantly? You choose, Hawaii has no dress agenda. Casual is definitely the wardrobe of choice, but you can have it your way.

Hawaii Car Rental Packing GuideFootwear is really the most interesting. In the Navy we called them shower shoes. In Hawaii we can them “slippers”. If you are a footwear company you call them flip-flops. Flip flops are casual and formal here. An Aloha shirt is casual and formal. Starting to see the dress code? There is none.

Be sure to check the packing guide for tips on what you should consider packing. Over the years we have always had a suitcase packing list to help remember all the stuff we have to pack for a trip.  I hope this “Hawaii Car Rental Packing Guide” will help you.

Now that your prepared to travel, please let our team from Hawaii Car Rental can help you find the vehicle you are most in need of. Not only that, we can get you the best deals available as well. Whether you are looking for a Jeep, convertible, minivan or economic-type of vehicle, you only need to indicate it on our booking form. Then, we will perform our search and show you the best vehicle rates we found.

Discount Hawaii Car Rental

Tour Hawaii in an economical vehicle. Call 1-866-344-7612.

Hawaii State Flag

Hawaii State Flag

Hawaii Flag

Hawaii State Flag – The State of Hawaii flag has one of the most interesting histories. It looks like the UK – United Kingdom flag. The current flag was used previously for kingdom, protectorate, republic, territory of Hawaii and now State of Hawaii flag.

Observe the design. The top left corner, known as the canton, is the Union Flag or Union Jack of the United Kingdom. The eight stripes represent the eight primary Islands of the Hawaiian Islands. The eight major islands (Hawaiʻi, Oʻahu, Kauaʻi, Kahoʻolawe, Lānaʻi, Maui, Molokaʻi and Niʻihau).

Enjoy touring Hawaii and noticing the many points of interest. Where ever you travel in the state you’ll notice State of Hawaii flag next to the United States flag. The red, white and blue in the two flags is very noticeable.

Explore Hawaii with our Hawaii Car Rental service. Aloha.

Hawaii State Flower The Hibiscus Tropical Plant

Hawaii Hibicus

Hawaii State Flower The Hibiscus

Hawaii State Flower The Hibiscus – The yellow hibiscus is Hawaii’s state flower. Hawaiian hibiscus are the seven known species of hibiscus regarded as native to Hawaii.

Hibiscus FlowerIn Hawaiian culture, hibiscus is a symbol of old royalty & communicates power and respect. It’s commonly given to visitors, state officials, and tourists.

Hibiscus Flower PlantThe hibiscus is available in many colors and varieties. As mentioned yellow is the State of Hawaii color. You can find hibiscus in yellow, white, purple, pink, green, orange, gray and red.  All the colors are beautiful. You decide which is the most beautiful.

Hibiscus FlowersSorry, no smell. The hibiscus flower is not among the Hawaiian flowers with a special fragrance.

Characteristics of the tropical hibiscus include:
1.  No smell.
2.  Glossy deep green leaves.
3.  3″-6″ flowers of red, pink, orange, yellow, double or single flowers.
4.  It flowers almost all year and is especially productive in spring.

Enjoy exploring Hawaii and noticing the many points of interest. Where ever you travel in the state you’ll notice hibiscus being used for landscaping.

Hawaii State Flower The Hibiscus

Enjoy Hawaii with our Hawaii Car Rental service. Aloha.